Westview College


Westview College lays a strong emphasis on co curricula activities. The school was founded on the belief of imparting a holistic education with an equal emphasis on Arts, Sports and Academics. We believe that a rigorous academic program combined with a social emotional curriculum leads to success hence; we nurture individuals with diverse needs in vibrant cultural activities throughout the year.

Arts – Clubs and Societies

Our arts curriculum blends creativity divergent thinking and perseverance together to support students as they broaden their awareness of the world around them.  The students work in dedicated spaces to explore a range of art forms across a variety of activities including clubs and societies. Our aim is to ensure that every child is ambitious, confident and articulate with social skills and a secure moral framework. The activities are planned and designed to foster confidence, innovation determination, and to enhance leadership.

The most differentiating aspect about our school has been the attention that is put on every child and the care that is taken to meet their individual needs to succeed. With more than ten different clubs and societies, every student has an opportunity to participate and   discover their hidden talents and enthusiastic aspirations. Cultural activities are not just an entertainment but a source of creating awareness on various subjects.

The following are some of the clubs and societies offered at the school:

French club, Public Speaking , Debate , Spelling Bee, Etiquette and Grooming , Music, Environmental club, Interact, First Aid , Science club , Young Writers , Toastmasters, Scripture Union, Choir, Quiz,  Contemporary dancing  and Drama.


 Arts – Music

Music plays a vital part in the school.  We offer tailor made programs to suit the needs of our learners.  We offer programs which foster intellectual freedom to be creative to the musically minded    learners.   We believe the intrinsic value in music will enrich the learners’ understanding and appreciation of the world.  We offer a variety of   Musical Skills both practical and theoretical.  For example,   Western music – Piano, Keyboards, Acoustic and Electrical  Guitars.  In  the  Indigenous music we offer   –  Marimba, Mbira, Indigenous Drums and Traditional Ceremonial  Dances. We also have   Choral Music and Voice Training.