Westview College

Molding tomorrow’s Leaders in the Musical Arts Industry.

We offer Musical Arts in the following areas:

  1. IGCSE Music 0410 Syllabus and Exams are available in June and November series.

Cambridge IGCSE is accepted by Universities and Employers as proof of international Theoretical and Practical Musical Skills.

  1. We offer a clear path for Musical Educational success from our Junior School classes to Cambridge ‘O’ Level Music.
  2. Theory and Practice of Musical Skills is also offered for the following Western and Indigenous Musical Instruments: Piano, Keyboards, Acoustic and Electrical Guitars, Recorders, Marimba, Mbira, Indigenous Drums and Dances, Choral Music and Voice Training.

Enroll with us at WESTVIEW COLLEGE, where we Mould Tomorrow’s Leaders in the Musical Arts Industry.