Westview College

Realizing the place value of sport in the  development of mental health, physical fitness and social relations building in as much as it is a livelihood activity for many, Westview College has spacious grounds, competes with other schools in our region for and does accord an equal opportunity to both boys and girls to develop their skills in

  • Athletics,
  • Basketball,
  • Netball,
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Swimming
  • Introductory golf lessons


The hot season has a variety of indoor games like chess and other activities. Vibrant clubs include English and Environmental debates. The music expose student to playing marimba, guitar, mbira, drum musical instruments.

Weekend and termly life is spiced with entertainment from subscribed DSTV access and a live musical gala. A whole host of diverse arts and cultural activities make the student boarding life meet the international college life standards.

Are you a Skilled, Talented, sports loving and an enterprising youth? Westview College in Chegutu is the place to be.